How To Start Hiring

Shortlist 5 applicants and ask them to submit custom samples to you first. Select one with the best custom sample

When you post your requirements on Zapphire, you get multiple options to customize your hiring needs. You can choose freelancer type (Freelancer, Agency, Student or Full-time professional) You can choose to avail any or all of the methods to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the task. 

In simpler terms: 1. Post your requirement 2. Select preferences for freelancer 3. Receive proposals 4. Chat using our real-time chat feature 5. Pay for completed work

  • Sampler - Custom samples submitted by applicants


    Using our unique "Sampler" feature, employers can make it mandatory for all applicants to submit a custom sample as described by the employer. It's ideal for creative projects like design, content writing or voice-over. 

  • Remote Interview

    Remote Interview - Voice /Video

    Employer can conduct a remote interview session with all shortlisted applicants using our chat feature which also includes voice & video group chat. 

  • Verified CV, Credentials & Portfolio

    3-Step Verification process

    We follow a 3-step verification process to ensure that all the information represented on an applicant's profile is correct and accurate. 

  • What's the catch?

    Seems too good to be true, doesn't it?

    Well, it's not. Ours is a subscription based model where we charge freelancers a small fee for providing them more work opportunities. We try to incentivise employers by keeping no cost for them to list their requirements or hire anyone. 



Freelancers submit custom samples to your listing, allowing you to choose the right one for your task. You pay only when you finalise someone to work with. ZERO COST TO POST.

Suited for Design, Video editing and related projects. 

  • Am I bound to hire someone after I post?

    No. You're not.

    However, if you have not made an initial deposit, you can only receive 30 proposals on your project. We do that to ensure equitable distribution of work among freelancers. 

  • When do I have to pay?

    After selection.

    You pay after you have selected a freelancer for the task. However, the payment reaches the freelancer only after the work is completed. It remains secured with us and can be revoked by you if the freelancer fails to complete the work. 

  • What kind of samples can I ask for?

    Anything which takes less than 20% of the total time of project

    Based on the length and working hours involved in the project, you can ask for custom samples to choose your freelancer. For example, a logo design proposal can ask for design concepts and a long-term content writing project can ask for a sample of a few hundred words on a topic selected by you. 



Experienced professionals or affordable students for hire on weekends

With Weekend-hire, you can hire professionals with full-time jobs or college students in their final years, available on weekends. The idea is to provide more options to the employers to choose from while keeping the schedule of the employees in mind.  

  • Is there a fixed time period?

    No, but it depends.

    Freelancers can choose to offer the number of hours they are available on weekends. We usually categorize them into three brackets: 8 hours, 12 Hrs & 16 Hrs.

  • What is the work doesn't get over?

    Pay a small fee for extra hours


  • What are the number of working hours?

    8, 12 or 16

    You can choose to hire someone for 8, 12 or 16 hour weekend, depending on the duration of your work.


Safety & Dispute resolution

Despite complete clarity in deliverables and proper communication between the parties, sometimes, disputes are inevitable. That's where our dispute resolution process steps in. In case either of the party raises a dispute, our team decides the outcome manually.

All forms of online service based transactions come with a risk and Zapphire ensures that the risks are minimised to a great extent. Worker and Employer clearly mention the deliverables before the work begins and Money remains safe from with us until the work is done. 

  • What happens if the worker fails to deliver?

    You choose another one or get your money back

    You always have the option of choosing another person for the task, or request a refund of your amount. In case of a partial completion of work, we will assign a new freelancer of your choice without any additional charge 

  • What if the freelancer & employee don't agree on final product?

    Our dispute team decides

    In such rare cases, our dispute team handles the dispute and tries to reach a solution which is beneficial to both the parties. We use multiple factors to come to a judgment. 


  • What if the work done by the freelancer is found to be bad later?

    We apply multiple safety checks to avoid such situations, but if such an issue arises, we make sure that the employer is compensated for the mistake of the freelancer. 


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