New Company alerts

  • Daily alerts

    Receive mails containing information daily, delivered directly to your inbox.

  • 100% accurate

    The data provided is 100% accurate and contains the Email address, CIN, Registered office address, State & Pincode as well as the category of business.

  • Legal & Legitimate

    The data is gathered from official sources using our paid in-built API system. Mailing them won't attract any risk from any of the service providers.

How it works

Get the data of all the new companies registered in a day, mailed directly to your mail box

When a new company is registered, it requires tons of new services in all segments and the founders are left looking for suitable people to do the job. With the growth of the freelance market in the country, more and more companies are looking for such one-time service providers, which often become their go-to person later. 

With New Company alerts from Zapphire, you get the opportunity to tap into that entire segment simply by dropping an e-mail. Data of newly registered companies is sent daily to your email address in an excel sheet, with contact information of the company. 

The process is 100% legal and legitimate and hundreds of our customers are using it boost their business daily. The data presented to you is gathered from official sources (MCA) using our own in-built API system. 

  • What all information is provided?

    E-mail, Company name, city, segment and a lot more

    Although we recommend approaching every company on the list, if you prefer approaching a select few, you can filter it based on your preferences of segments, city etc.

  • When is it delivered?

    Within 48 hours of company incorporation

    The data is delivered to your e-mail address within the first 48 hours of successful company incorporation. 

  • How do I mail them?

    Gmail, or any other service

    Gmail allows you to send upto 1000 new mails everyday, without facing any risk. If you plan on sending the mail using gmail, you can simply add all the emails in the BCC section and send it to all recipients. 

  • What's the cost?

    INR 1499 /month

    We run a subscription based model for the services. Sometimes, a single lead can generate much more revenue that the amount we charge you for the lists.  



Bulk-mailing takes only 10 minutes to complete .Our team will guide you to it. Here’s a short tutorial though.


Scroll through the sheet to check the relevant data mentioned in different columns. 



Validity - 30 Days
Rs.1999 / month
  • Daily alerts
  • E-mail, Address, CIN, Category of Business
  • 100 search requests for older companies' data
  • 60 Credits for applying to projects on Zapphire


Validity - 90 Days
Rs.1499 / month
  • Daily alerts + Monthly Summary
  • E-mail, Address, CIN, Category of Business
  • 500 search requests for older companies' data
  • State-wise data
  • 90 Credits for applying to freelnace projects on Zapphire
  • Private quick-chat feature with potential clients on Zapphire


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