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Project detail

Hi there,

I’m a tour guide and tour operator in Rio de Janeiro.

Making it short, at this point I’m looking for a web developer that can develop a web site that sells tours.

There are however a few criteria that the website must fit.
It must be very simple, and have great usability.
It must be responsive in every device;
It must have the ability to play videos and podcasts;
It must have an image gallery, a video gallery and a podcast gallery;
It must be linked to Google My Business;
It must have the ability to be shown in 3 different languages (ESP, ENG, POR). You’ll get a translated text version for each language. I’ll translate myself. What I need is the flags on the top right of the page, so users can change to the desired language;
It must have a contact form;
It must have a WhatsApp floating button;
It must link to my social media;
It must be able to display my TripAdvisor reviews, but not display a link to visitors to my TripAdvisor listing;
It must have ecommerce/store plugin;
It must have a book now button as a call to action for every listed product (approximately 20 products listed);
Users must be able to see my availability calendar prior to make the booking (Google Calendar);
The store must be able to offer cross selling options;
It must have a “floating cart” which allows customers to add multiple tours to their basket as they browse the website. When they’re done, they can easily pay for all their tours in one go;
It must have an affiliated area (meaning, other tour operators must be able to book my tours for a commission);

In reference to the color palette:
Green hex #21b24b (60%)
Yellow #fdb813 (30%)
Red #fc1414 (for the call to action buttons) (10%)
For the brand logo please refer to:

For ideas of successful similar business websites please refer to:

ATV Tour

For my current website please refer to:

New website domain:

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Project Completion deadline

March 31, 2021

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