develop mobile application for GPS navigation systems

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Project detail

We are looking for a development team that is made up of several specialists if possible, we want to develop a navigation application, it will be developed in 3 phases, however we want to run the first development phase to achieve a demo.

I attach in this proposal the document with the specifications that we want the application to have, something very important, in that same document there are examples of other applications that we have used to inspire us, it is important that you can see them so that you can understand what we need. Any questions I will be attentive to the chat.

After you have read the document, please answer each of the questions that I put here:

1- Where you from?
2 – Do you know about OpenStreetMaps?
3 – Do you know the different about GPS navigation and Geo-localation? can you explain me?
4 – What technology do you belive that is neccesary for create this app for obtain 3 compiled: Android, IOS and Windows CE
5 – What technology of servers do you recomended for this APP according to the document that you have already read?
6- What technology of DB (DataBase) do you recommend to me for this project?
7 – According to the document that you have already read , is neccesary a software web because is neccesary configure certain concepts of the server side for example update the maps or for administrate the futhure concepts that will have this app. Remembre this is a beta version of the first stage. In this case, what techology do you recommend to me for develop this web side?
8 – Do you have any app develop using concept of GPS navigation? can you show me?
9 – About develop time, how time do you need for create this beta? is importat detail of all work: Time for create the Android version, the ios version, DB creation, Server configuration etc etc.
10 – Do you have any tool for time control, i will have access this tool?
11 – About repository code, what repository do you have? I use Bitbucket.
12 – Do you have a develpoer team? what skills do you have in you team?
13 – A technical question: About the map format what do you recommend to me for use: OV2 or KML?
Android, Mobile App Development, iPhone, PHP, JavaScript

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March 31, 2021

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