Football website Update (just need updated plus an additional small page) I already have a website with a page, but i need this page to be updated.

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This website is a football pool for my friends for NFL games. On a normal week there are say 16 games , the coaches have a team name , coach name and email address. If there are 16 games , then they will pick the winner of each of the 16 games and assign a point value representing how confident you are they will win. You can only use each point 1-16 once only so on this example if you get them all right you would get 136 points. When they make their picks here , they get an email from my page and gives them their picks that they made so they have a confirmation of their picks.

Here is what the page does:
1) This page is my page where the person picks his winners and and when they submit it it saves the data to a text file.
2) The player selects his team name, puts his name and his email address in the boxes.
3) The page writes the picks to a text file with Team name, Coach , email , game 1 team, game 1 confidence points, game 2 team, game 2 confidence points …… tiebreaker, date and time of submission.

My page is pretty simple and fairly nice looking, I would like a few updates to the page.

1) The points counter doesn’t display so the coach can see what his current points add up to – so he can see if he makes a mistake or not.
2) I want the page to match what his total points are with what his total points should add up to, if it doesn’t add up correctly then tell them they need to check their numbers. So, if there are 16 games , they need to rank the games 1 for least confident the team will win up to 16 for most confident. .. so on a week where there are 16 games all his points added together should add up to 136. Some weeks only have 13, 14, 15 or 16 games , maybe even less due to the possibility of covid. Don’t let them submit the picks unless the points are correct. If they have 2 7-point games i want it to tell them that they have too many 7-point games.
3) The page is simple and looks good, but i would maybe a little more graphics and more fun to the page display to spice it up.

I would like the possibility that the user also gets a random 5 digit password added to their data line as a password. Then, I want to have you create a simple page where they can log in with their email address and this 5 digit password (which can be given to them on the email receipt) and you can have this page go into this text file and display nicely all their picks information.

This page is currently written in ASP, I prefer ASP, but it is not necessary as long as it works.

Make an offer what you can do … and how much… this will definitely be very simple for a web programmer so it shouldn’t take much time at all.. I will review what you can offer me and the price.

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March 31, 2021

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