Need Webview Android App!

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I need an webview enabled android app with following features

1) Google Material Design (Java language should be use. No Kotlin)
2) Navigation menu sidebar (menu items with icons)
3) Appname in Toolbar with Icons (Share icon, rate us icon) (refer attachment)
4) Interstital & bottom banner ads (Facebook audience network ads will be first preference, fallback should be Google ads)
5) firebase notifications with images. On clicking notifications, it should load the desired webpage in the webview
6) swippable refresh to reload the webpage
7) Splash screen ( wait time will be max 5 sec, min based on the content & ads loading time)
8) If no internet, fallback to custom html no internet page (should be loaded from android asset folder)
9) url parameter to open the web page in chrome custom tabs (ex:
10) pass the device information in parameters along with the webpage url (ex:
11) double press the back button to exit the app. Single press back button should act as back button in webpage
12) seperate config module required for following items

a) App color (hexadecimal color code)
b) App title
c) initial url to load
d) facebook audience network, google admob ads id and other information

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March 31, 2021

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