How it works

Participate in Design contests and earn upto Rs. 3000, if you win. If you place in top 5, you still get rewarded with attractive incentives.
  1. Register on our platform with your email address 
  2. You'll get notified over email every time a new competition comes up.
  3. Read the client's instructions and come up with a design. 
  4. Submit your design on the competition.We ensure that your logo ins't used unfairly. 
  5. You can use the discussion board on each competition to ask feedback or clarification form clients.
  6. Client selects the winner & finalises the logo in communication with you

The reward is credited within 2-3 days of selection of winner. 



  • What all do I have to submit

    Just a JPEG file of your design

    You just have to upload a jpeg file of your design in the submission section of the page. If you get selected as the winner, you can send the remaining files. 

  • When is the winner selected

    Between 2-10 days

    The competition usually runs for a week and the client gets another 2 days for evaluation of all entries. He must make the selection within that given time period. 

  • Is the prize money guaranteed?

    Yes, the competition is pre-paid

    All the competitions are pre-paid and the client has already made the payment for the prize money. If for some reason, we don't get a response from the client after 10 days, the highest rated design so far automatically gets selected as the winner. 

  • How will I get paid?

    UPI is enough

    You don't need to have your own bank account for the same. You can just submit upi id of your account or any of your relatives and we transfer the amount to the same. 



Register yourself to receive notifications in your email about all active design competitions. We don’t spam and If there are more than one competitions in a single day, we attach links to all in a single mail. So, you won’t receive multiple mails from us. 

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